Era of technology

When we talk about technology, mesh of various machines comes to our mind or some wiry images flutters to our mindsets.

It may be true although anything what comes to our mind has any cause, without any cause nothing happens. We are admiring in twenty first century our senses should be up to date to reach what the new world have scope of it. Console my words and look a slight eye on upcoming technological phases of the world.

There was an age of being to be prefer for biological or just career and money making jobs whether we have interests or not we have to be committed to our decided plans. But when I talk to you in today’s era, we have own mindset for choosing our career hence we are living in the age of modern mechanisms so we have to be modern career holders.

I am not preferring you all to be Computer specialists but as we all know we have serious type of involvement of computer technology in every mean of life.

We have technology in our communication, in our banking, in our cooking, even we used technology for mentally preparations.

Now a days we have education on air. Technology in our life is a sophisticated object for all of us just a step forward we have to take to use it properly.

In future we will excel in technology and we will be successful to overcome heavy works with machines like robots. Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) is working very sharply and very quickly to set us free which use to make us lazy. May be it will spoil our lives but again it comes the point of using it properly with essential benefits.

Many of these technological advancements are positive. We’ve seen dazzling displays in healthcare diagnosis using artificial intelligence, virtual reality and digital twin technology. More than half (3.9 billion) of the global population is now online and using the Internet, which represents a more inclusive global information society. And people are applying technology for good in powerful ways.

Technology is even reaching into very complex areas, like gene editing and surveillance capitalism of neurons, very complicated it can be called by in reality but it is possible due to modern techniques that raise new ethical questions for society.

We have to think about that either we have to live with them or deny the new era of technology, which is far better than the stone age of our ancestors. Would we prefer our upcoming generation to be more involve in this factor or live your lives like our ancestors did? Point is yours.

Article by Salman Khan An’s

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