Stop the Religious Discrimination

Dont judge people with their color cast or mainly with religion.“Who dare you to say something to anyones Religion.”People have own rights and free hand to choose over religion and suit what they are habitual of . Preaching someone and making fall into any religion is no needed any more, infact i was against this termilogy since the I was born. It is denying for me from the straight begining.These religions are not God feeded for us it is our own guilty to make more confusion in our living.We are fencing ourselves mjndset into small boundaries of religions values. Think beyond that and live a life equally with other humen. Those are very shameful aspects of our society that we are distinguishing ourselves on the basis of communities.Shame on us.We all are same but the point where we are divided or mean of our conversion is religion.Please don’t undercover someones personal thoughts about something, and not feel them different from you. Huge clash of our societies is this ignorance. Try to be in your shoes and let be them in theirs.

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