Proceedings of a case

Today I was on a routine patrol. It was 02 o’clock at night. There was a girl who was 26/28 years old. She was sitting on a bench thinking something. I got out of the car. Why are you sitting I thought she had run away from home, but when I asked her what she was doing here, she burst into tears. My curiosity increased and I became very alert and asked again what you were doing here. As soon as his patience was broken, he shouted and said, “In a Muslim country where all Muslims are, I have reached this bench as a target of men’s lust.

I had to listen so much that I lost. Well, I asked what happened. He told me that she was a college student. Some boys used to harass me. I gave them in the notice of my teachers. The boys became my enemies and started taking pictures of me. I was harassed and chased home until my parents found out. They edited the pictures and made them from the computer as if they were real pictures. My family doubted me and didn’t believe anything I said and started to move away from me. My status became almost non-existent and I was expelled from college.

For a while I waited for the honor and place to be restored in the house but it did not happen and I decided to leave the house. At the same time I met a woman who sympathetically persuaded me to the next day I was taken away. My anger had subsided. I wanted to go back home. When I started to leave for home, the woman stopped me and took me to a room and locked me. With me to break I was badly broken and upset. At the same time, they blindfolded me and transferred me to an unknown place where I was being sold. One day I managed to escape and come here tired. Sat down

Can you tell me who is responsible for ruining my life, the boy, my parents, and the woman I will meet later? Are our brothers also ruining someone’s life and our parents are watching them? Will any other sister be a part of this brothel? Should the boys wandering in our streets be stopped? If I had support at home, I would not have run away from home, but my parents would have accompanied me to meet the families of these boys and many other girls and their homes would have been protected.

I took 5 lady constables and police personnel with me and drove the girl to the woman’s house. I recovered 14 girls from the woman whose story was painful to her and handed them over to their parents and started a new life. Provided the opportunity. Explained to the parents and made them realize what a quagmire we are throwing our children into. Then the houses of these boys were raided and pictures of dozens of girls whom they used to blackmail were recovered from their laptops. Cases were registered against all of them. Today, all the accused are serving their sentences in jail. The girl is married and her husband is living happily despite knowing everything about her.

Now my question to you is: are our women safe from wrong eyes by having relationships like brothers, parents, husbands, sons, shouldn’t we be friendly with them so that if someone is blackmailing them They can tell us with the confidence that they will be helped and that they will be supported by believing that even if they really make a mistake, they will be forgiven.

When this starts to happen, I claim that there will be domestic peace in our society; 40 crimes will end and there will be no brothels left. Let’s make a commitment today and strengthen our trust. And in an Islamic society. Eliminate this filthy and filthy work. Elimination of brothels is necessary for the protection of our future generations. If such a crime is happening in your area, let us know. We will keep you a secret. Come and join us. Don’t share such a story again. Maybe one of your shares will reach a boy who is involved in such crimes and he will repent. Thanks!

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